how to stop automatic updates on galaxy 2


open the play store, hit menu (3 dots in upper right), settings, uncheck auto-update apps. Keep notifications checked to receive notifications to manually update. I've found sometimes they aren't sent though, so if you hit menu, my apps, it will show all of your apps and any that can be updated at the very top.Maybe it's not possible on my new Asus TF-300, but I do know that on my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, I can set an app to update automatically..... or NOT (which is what I really want!). I can find no way on my Asus to do that, however. Am I just missing a setting????

Uh, there's a much easier way to stop the auto updating than turning off backround data and .... The HTC Desire does this, hope the S2 does to.

I want to make sure I switch of any automatic updates or other stuff that ... To disable apps from automatic updates on the Samsung Galaxy S II

Deselect auto update, if it's already deselected then you will have to ... wakeup - How to disable it, 314r, Samsung Galaxy S2 Applications, 2 ...

O2 - Samsung Galaxy S2 updates

I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy S2. I would like to turn off automaic updates, so that I am not constantly using up data. Can you please - 466777.

samsung galaxy s2 and automatic updates

samsung galaxy s2 and automatic updates Mobile Phones. ... You can turn off automatic updates. If you access the Play Store and then press ...

How to STOP galaxy from automatically turning on

... last system update, but my galaxy SII now auto-connects to any WiFi ... My wife's S2 has the same problem, does anyone know what the fix is ...

how to cancel automatic updating?!

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